Hey y’all! On this episode Ram Mahalingham interviews Mukta Ghorpadey, Navneet Pandher, and Saniya Suri from the Raniyaan di Raunaq board!

7:25 RDR board talks about some of their experiences at mixers that led them to create the competition
10:19 How RDR is attempting to address issues with their mixer
17:46 Ad from Romesh Vardee. Contact him on WhatsApp at 4046308934 or email him at romeshvardee@gmail.com
18:44 Some bad experiences some of the RDR board has had day of the show, judges meetings, and at after parties of previous competitions they’ve attended
32:53 The Gagan Malhi controversy #GirlsCanDoBhangra
43:34 Closing thoughts

You can learn more about the Raniyaan di Raunaq at

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