Bhangra Panga: A Kisaan fundraiser

Why are we doing this?

On September 27th, the Indian government passed 3 bills that greatly impact farmers across the country. The bills essentially make it much more difficult for the farmers to sustain a reasonable income and livelihood. We want to spread awareness about the farmers’ plight across India and raise money to support them.

What are we doing?

We are starting our project Bhangra Panga which is a 16 performance bracket pitting the best performances of the decade for a shot to be declared the best. Over the next 2 podcast episodes, we will be announcing one performance from each year of the decade. What we want you to do is to fill out the remaining 6.

How do I participate?

To tell us who you think had the best performances of the decade, we would like you to go to this form and tell us your top 3. To have your vote counted, we are asking that you donate to Khalsa Aid. We suggest a minimum donation of $10, but whatever you can give is helpful. To prove that you voted you can either:

  1. Donate directly to Khalsa Aid
  2. Take a screenshot of your donation receipt (which is emailed to you after your donation)
  3. Upload that screenshot in our form


  1. Venmo $10 to @uqureshi14 with your name in the subject line

Once we end the fundraiser, we will tally up all the votes and the top 6 voted performances will be added to our bracket.

What happens next?

After the votes have all been tallied, we will have all of you vote on who you think is the best performance of the decade based the final bracket.

Important Links

Kalsa Aid Fundraiser Google Form

The Bhangra Podcast feed